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Great Resources for How to Delegate

It’s business planning time and I, for one am taking a serious look at restructuring my business, bringing on more virtual team members and becoming more efficient and more profitable.

Small Business Trends has pulled this list of useful links in the area of delegation. I’m checking them out — you should too.

Amplify’d from smallbiztrends.com

From social media to almost every other aspect of your business, tasks can be delegated or outsourced as needed to improve productivity. But when you delegate or outsource your operations, be sure that you keep an eye on quality and that you manage the key components of your business effectively. Delegating responsibility for certain tasks does not mean ignoring your business or letting it be run by someone else.

Thoughts on how to delegate. This post is about delegating social media efforts, but it could be about delegation in almost any part of your business. At some point you will most likely need to get others to handle some of your tasks as your business grows. Make sure they can handle those roles. SEO and Social Media Marketing

The key to small business success. Small business success, like success in so many other things, doesn’t mean avoiding mistakes and doing everything right. Instead, the key is to understand that when things go wrong you must not quit. Maintaining momentum is what’s important. The Frugal Entrepreneur

How to outsource needed projects. From Website design to research projects, you may need work done for your business that you don’t have time to do yourself. No problem. Here’s a simple video overview of how to outsource where required. ScottFox

Promoting from within. Another way to delegate workload is to ask your current employees to take on different roles and perhaps take up more of the slack, but beware. Asking for more work out of existing employees will cost you more, one way or the other. Bloomberg Businessweek

Building the virtual team. Creating a virtual team is another way to expand your business while delegating responsibility over a larger group. But creating an effective virtual team takes effort. Here are some things to consider. Startup Professionals Musings

How to get started. No matter what business you operate, it’s important to understand the basics. You can delegate many aspects of your business and outsource much of the work that needs to be done, so long as you take care of what’s important.  Yahoo! Small Business Advisor

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